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Safety Tips for Women Travellers

Get set to conquer the whole world with your thoughts all alone! For those women who are planning to travel the world solo has an added advantage of living life on your own terms and conditions. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to discover new things about yourself. But, is it really safe to travel the world solo? It would be advisable to prioritise your safety while traveling in a new country. Here are some of the significant measures a woman traveller must consider while venturing for a solo tour. Also Enjoy Golden Triangle Tour Packages in India


Complete Research of Destination

Most of us research the travel destination to search out for interesting tourist spots, beaches or lively cities. However, it would be advisable to check the safety information of your holiday destination. Do’s and Don’t of that destination. You must check the medical centre, taxi services, hotel information etc.

Complete Research of Destination

Dress like Locals

The ideal way for a thief to figure you out from the crowd is the kind of dress you are wearing. For women who dress like local women then they have the lesser probability to catch the eye of a thief at first glance. Usually, woman who appears like an odd one out is the target of such people. A solo traveler needs try to wear full dress when go outside for sightseeing.

Dress like Locals

Carry Local Shopping Bag ( most important for Solo Traveler tips) 

When you arrive in a new city, you must try to buy something from the local grocery shop. This is a great way to avoid looking like a tourist. Keep your backpack in the hotel room and carry your maps, camera or other essentials in the local grocery shop bag.

Carry Local Shopping Bag

Avoid Tight Clothing

It is a known fact that wearing a tight fitting dress is meant to attract attention. It could be both good and bad. Especially, when you are travelling alone, such kind of clothes is not recommended. It would be advisable to wear decent and comfortable clothes to avoid any kind of wrong invitation.

Lastly, you are planning for solo world tour to experience the world with your eyes only. So, make it pleasant and memorable lifelong journey!

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